“Women can do anything they decide to do” - Grace Kelly

Garbo & Kelly draws inspiration from two of Hollywood’s most influential female actors, Greta Garbo and Grace Kelly.

 Greta Garbo was renowned for having modern style and classic features with a strong bone structure. Greta was innovative and independent in both fashion and beauty, she was most pleased at having fought for the right for women to wear trousers. It has been speculated that Greta was so courageous that she assisted as a spy for the French Resistance in World War 2.

 Grace had impeccable style with elegant fine and feminine features, also innovative with her sense of couture style and timeless beauty. Grace was an Oscar winning actress who sacrificed her Hollywood career to Marry Prince Rainier of Monaco to become  a Princess.

 Whilst Garbo a loner and Kelly a nurturing mother they were great friends. Our company core values has been extremely influenced on these amazing Iconic women as the yin and yang of these women together create perfect harmony and resinate with modern women of today.